General Civil Litigation

The experienced and professional attorneys of Saalfield Shad, P.A. are well equipped to defend civil cases ranging from the uncomplicated to the most complex lawsuits. Our attorneys have tried hundreds of cases and handled over 100 appeals. We have tried cases across a broad range of practice areas and causes of action, as well as have attorneys licensed in multiple jurisdictions. The attorneys of Saalfield Shad, P.A. represent some of the leading businesses in North Florida.

Often, it is possible for our attorneys to achieve success in general civil cases by using alternative dispute resolution methods including informal negotiation, mediation, and arbitration to resolve lawsuits before they go to trial. In this way, we are able to minimize costs and efficiently achieve a satisfactory outcome.  

However, sometimes trials are inevitable.  In the event your case goes to trial, our attorneys have substantial trial experience and will defend your case with the experience that has led to past successes. Utilizing a proactive, client-focused approach, the attorneys at Saalfield Shad, P.A. have successfully defended a wide variety of general civil litigation cases, including:

Let Saalfield Shad, P.A. provide the experienced attorneys you need to defend your general civil litigation case. Contact us today.